Established in 1992, Prolect Enterprise is a veteran specialist in assisting our clients to protect their equipment and human assets during lightning surge.

Lightning is extremely powerful because it has very high voltage, very high current and it has self sustaining ability. Because of this raw power lightning is capable of ripping through roofs, exploding walls of brick and concrete and igniting deadly fires. At the end of severe lightning occurrence anything in the path of lightning will be left in shock and awe, and possibly dead because lightning will not give way to anything in its path. In addition lightning can damage or devastate your critical and expensive investment in electrical/electronic system/equipment through its secondary effect, i.e. resistive, inductive and capacitive coupling. Regardless of how small the risk, it is not worth taking a chance, to leave one's self unprotected. Your field equipment also need protection from the lightning.

We have both the products and solution to protect our clients' investment from lightning and its secondary effect - Transient Overvotages. We work hand in hand with clients to prevent or minimize any disruptions to their daily operations from lightning incidents. Our equipment stay behind the screen in protecting your operations seamlessly and stay ready for the contingencies from the nature disaster. Call us now for a chat on how we can improve your protection from lightning incidents.


EquiVolt is revolutionary and portable. It enable the owner of these products to transport and use the products conveniently. It protects the clients from the destructive effects of lightning. Tops products is more focus on installing on fixtures and structures to protect equipment and circuit from being lightning surge. The earth encounters numerous lightning strikes which are not reported in the newspaper every day. We would be happy to assist you if you want to find out what our products can do for you.
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